Block 3 Charlemount Regeneration Project

Cosgrove Electrical Services completed and handed over The Block 3 Charlemount Street Regeneration Project.  The Charlemount Regeneration Project as a whole consists of the demolition of a number multi-storey residential buildings, ancillary buildings and the development of 5no. Blocks built over an extensive basement.

The first phase of the development which was Block 3, consisted of the construction of 79 new apartments, basement area of 4,000m², Community Centre of 910m², Retail & Commercial Units. The completion of Block 3 for the Dublin City County Council facilitated the relocation of local residence, making room for further site development. The electrical installation of Block 3 needed to be a robust installation, as with all of the DCC property.

New external and internal LV switch rooms were installed, tested and commissioned as part of the new electrical supply to Block 3. Further sub-distribution boards were located at ground level to serve each block and the basement to serve the landlord areas and the community centre. Consumer units were installed, tested and commissioned for each of the apartments.

The luminaries used on the project where selected for their proven track record for quality and reliability in the industry, including brand names such as Philips, iGuzzini and Thorn. Presence and absence detection controls were installed throughout the project, to controls and monitoring of the luminaires. The Emergency lighting installation consisted of integral emergency fittings throughout, with central test units located in each landlord sub distribution board.

The Structured Cabling CAT6 installation consisted of incoming services being brought to the basement MDF with the facility for future tenants to install IDF’s to suit their structural cabling requirements. An additional IDF was installed in the ground floor estate offices, which together with the MDF serviced all of the landlord structured cabling requirements. All the structured cabling was tested commissioned and certified to the relevant standard.

The fire alarm installation consisted of a Advanced control panel and Apollo detection devices and was linked into numerous third part systems including the MCC panel, AOV systems, lifts, smoke vent shaft systems and the access control system. The fire alarm system also set up to be remotely monitored from an offsite facility.

The CCTV installations for Block 3 was an IP solution with its own dedicated NVR’s with a remote monitoring facility. 130 no. high resolution Hikvision camera were installed through the landlord areas of the building.

A HKC intruder alarm system with remote monitoring facility was installed commissioned and tested covering the estate offices and community centre.

The access control system consisted of multiple Act 4000 Pro multi door controllers with in excess of 40no. Controlled doors and 11no controlled gates. The access control system was set as a campus wide access control system which can be monitored from the onsite estate offices.

An Aiphone audio intercom system was installed at the entrance to each of the residential blocks with handset installed in every apartment. An Aiphone audio & video intercom was installed at the entrance to the estate offices which would contact the estate office reception.

A Baldwin Boxall disabled refuge system was installed within the stairwells of each block which was not only locally monitored but can be remotely monitored in the onsite estate offices.

A roof top photovoltaic installation was installed, tested and commissioned which contributes electrical supply to each of the 79no. Apartments.

An extensive building management system was also installed on the project. Located in the basement plant room the system controls and monitors the car park smoke vent system, pumps and boilers for the community centre and the fire hose reel system which also reports externally.

The community centre electrical installation also included the 2 standalone disable toilet alarms and an AV installation including a projector system speaker and an induction loop.