Highfield Hospital and Healthcare Facility

Highfield Hospital & Healthcare Facility provides acute mental health treatment and care for adults and older persons with acute, serious and enduring mental health disorders and complex mental health issues associated with neuropsychiatric disorders and dementia.

Cosgrove electrical completed the new state of the art mental health facility for the Eustace Family. The campus development works comprised of a nursing home, mental health facility, acute care secure ward and ancillary rooms / plant areas.

The development is spread out over the ground of Highfield House and gardens a comprises of mainly two and three storey buildings and communal areas.

  • A New MV Substation was provided and the buildings were powered off the LV switch room.
  • Each building had dedicated LV distribution centres to allow for sub metering and phased occupation / management of the resident capacity.
  • Mechanical control and power cabling for the centralised plantroom ensured control of the district heating system for maximum fuel efficiency.
  • Main communication room housed the many specialist sub systems such as lenel access control, MTS patient wandering system, staff clock in system, TV distribution to all rooms, in room menu ordering system, chapel video and voice distribution.
  • Localised UPS back-up for all the communications and CCTV equipment/communications cabinets Medical rooms & nurse station fit-outs.
  • Activity rooms, satellite kitchen areas.
  • Full commercial kitchen fit-out to cater for 260 plus residents across the campus.
  • Luminaries were all HTM compliant medical grade fittings with a number of anti-ligature fittings in the acute care 10 bed ward area. The Lighting control was day light sensing and PIR controlled. Emergency lighting was typically stand-alone LED throughout. Centralised test facilities were provided.
  • Underground cabling in particular the LV runs to each building.
  • Intruder alarm system for the building and night time lock down.
  • Staff Pager system and dect phone including charge cabinets.
  • Fire alarm installation throughout with horizontal compartmentalised evacuation protocols used.
  • CCTV installation – IP system.
  • Access Control & Security – MTS Lenel linked into the patent wandering system to provide a full address intelligent system for staff and patent movement control.
  • Access Control doors with and expansive compartmentalisation for the fire certs zones. Linking existing campus.
  • Lenel card system onto the new operational system without any down time.
  • Data & Fibre installations – Multi Mode Fibre links from existing campus area to Main communication room.
  • Campus infrastructure live interface connections – Fire – Security – Intruder – Access – Voice & Data/Phone – Fibre – BMS
  • The addition of a standby generation and testing on a live occupied building environment.
  • Full AV Package including TV / Conference / Meeting / Audio Visual / broadcasting of Mass from the on site Chapel.
  • Nurse call systems – Stand-alone addressable alarm notification system.
  • Standby Generator for essential life safety systems
  • Integration of specialist sub systems within the fit-out works.